Welcome to Shared Purpose – a space devoted to international development experiences.


Some background – as a graduate student at Northeastern University I was inspired by a particular case study I participated in: Honey Care Africa, a social enterprise that helps rural families in Kenya start small businesses and connect them to global trading markets. By providing them with micro-loans, training, ongoing support and materials, the company has helped over 15,000 individuals become successful beekeeper farmers throughout Kenya and northern Tanzania.

I was impressed by the incredible effect that this company had on the lives of so many and it made me wonder, how can this idea be duplicated? I started looking into what some of the major funders were doing in this area, United Nations Develop Program (UNDP), USAID, World Bank, etc., but I found that the real work was being done by those on the ground. It was the people who had real world knowledge of the things that needed to be done in local communities and social entrepreneurs who saw solutions in the problems of rural development who were making things happen. These people motivated me to go further.

What you’ll find in this site is a curated look at some the research and personal projects that I’ve been working on, both currently as well as in the past. From visiting here, I hope that you too will be inspired to seek shared purpose in the work that you do as well.